lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

The 3rd International Art Exhibition 2012 THE POWER OF ART_ PEOPLE

The exhibition at the Tumen River Art Center is part of the Tumen International Arts Festivals in Turmen city, Jiling province.
Tumen International Arts Festival is a cultural art festival based on the dazzling intangible culture and arts of Chinese-Koreans embracing art, music, performances, literature, the past, the present and the future. Tumen River Festival where the traditional and the modern culture meets, where the artists and non artists communicates, where the old and the young can share, and where different ethnicity groups can celebrate! Through these warm, fun and welcoming encounters with the Chinese-Koreans you will be all become one in China Tumen City at Tumen River where you will experience the “Tumen culture” Possible because it is in Tumen River, China and only because it is a festival, We invite you to this one great miracle.

The Tumen River Square is located at the border of China and North Korea on the riverside of the Tumen River facing across Namyang, North Korea. The Tumen River Square consists of the Chinese-Korean Intangible Cultural Museum, Children Arts Center SoNyun Palace, indoor and outdoor theaters and the Tumen River Art Center which holds modern art exhibitions. It is a place where traditional culture and modern culture coexists. It is a significant cultural art square where people can join to share culture and also one of the beautiful places in Tumen, China.

Participating artist: Darío Ortiz, Ren Chuan, Kwon Soonik, Li Fu Yi, Fernando Torres Cevallos, Alicia de la Campa Pak, Daniel Briceño, Park Eun.

 Date & Place
Tumen Square of Tumen City : 2012. 7. 21 (Sat) – 8. 19 (Sun) [30days]
Tumen City Cultural Exhibit Hall

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