viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

Young-eun museum of contemporary art, Gwaung- Ju city, Korea

17 Latin american artist of 7 countries at Young-eun museum of contemporary art. Gwaung-ju city, South Korea.

Exposición de Arte latinoamericano en el Museo Young-eun de Arte Contemporáneo en Gwaung-ju Corea con obras de 17 artistas de 7 países. Con la participación de los colombianos Fernando Botero, Hugo Zapata y Darío Ortiz.

In 2010, February, as a new sensation of art market comes, this exhibition is organised with great passion of Latin America's contemporary arts which can not be seen as usual. More than 100 pieces of art works by around 19 artist from Latin America such as Venezuela, Cuba, Panama, Ecuador, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay will be exhibited and represent Latin culture, history and passion which are melt in their work. With all those, this exhibition celebrates Gwang-Ju city's new start.

Until today, Latin American art has been underestimated by European critics. Also, the 20th century Latin American art has been recognized as an art trend derived from Modernism of Western Europe or has imitated the Modernism.

Since Spain conquered Mexico in the early 1500s, European thought that Latin America culture and people was heterogeneous and this idea leads them to think that Latin culture is not their own creation. Nevertheless, these days European accept that this multicultural feature is the one of the characters of Latin Art and start believing that Latin art has strong messages of vitality, creativity, passion and so on.

With all those ideas, this exhibition will touch the soul of Gwang-Ju citizen by introducing them to Latin America art works, which are very bright and show new senses of ideas and creative shapes.

Exhibition sponsored by

The Korean Museum Association, Gyeonggi Museum Association, Latin America & the Caribbean Association, Embassy of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, Embassy of Venezuela, Gwang-Ju Branch of The Federation of Artistic & Cultural Organizations of Korea, Gwang-Ju Branch of Korean Fine Arts Association and Eastern Gyeonggi Broadcasting