sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2009

Botero, Iturria, Ortiz present to KIAF

Bandi Gallery from Seoul, the only one in Korea specializing in Latin American art, present to Kiaf a sample of the artists Ignacio Iturria of Uruguay with Fernando Botero and Dario Ortiz of Colombia.

The gallery is located in 36 Sagan-Dong, Jongno-gu, of Seoul. Phone (82-2)734-2312

KIAF, a project organized by the Gallery Association of Korea and inaugurated in 2002, has earned a reputation as one of the most prominent and exciting art fair destinations through out its seven successful years.

Many prestigious galleries from both home and abroad are selected through strict assessment procedure by the KIAF Operation Committee and its external panels. KIAF provides opportunities for the art lovers to explore the works of emerging young artists as well as many world-class renowned art works. KIAF2009 takes place from Sep. 18th – 22nd , Seoul.

The Hub of the Asian Art market, KIAF2008

KIAF2008 attracted approximately 61,000 art lovers in Pacific Hall and Indian Hall at COEX from 19th -23rd of September where there were 116 domestic and 102 galleries from abroad (20 territories). Besides the participation of carefully selected local and foreign galleries, KIAF had a lot more to offer by actively organizing Guest Country programs, Artists programs, and number of interesting Academic programs. In another word, KIAF2008 played as an important ‘festival of art’ figure beyond simply being a business trade venue. It provided chances for art collectors, artists, art professionals and aficionados to share their own ideas about contemporary art through out unique programs of KIAF.

KIAF2009- Guest Country: India

KIAF has appointed India as the honored guest country for KIAF2009. India has been recently enjoying its worldly attention as being a new destination for an emerging art market. Through India Guest Country program organized by KIAF, KIAF wishes to demonstrate and notify Indian art’s excellence as well as its potential for further growth as an art market to the public and professionals. Also, KIAF will act as a vibrant footstone to revitalize Korea’s current stagnated art market due to international economy crisis.

DATES September 18th -22nd(Fri - Tues) 2009

VERNISSAGE September 17th(Thurs), 5PM

VENUE Seoul, COEX 3rd Floor Hall C(Atlantic Hall) & Hall D(Convention Hall)

PARTICIPATING GALLERIES Approximately 200 home and abroad

lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2009

XI Premio Italia per le arti visive 1996

Organizado por la revista Eco d'arte Moderna y la galería el Candelaio era un significativo premio para artistas jóvenes que estuvieran residiendo en Italia. Todos los años entre abril y marzo la cita de los seleccionados era en el bello Palazzo Pretorio di Certaldo. En el año 96 fueron más de 2000 los inscritos al premio y tuve la alegría de ser uno de los ganadores al recibir una de las menciones con la invitación a exponer en la Galería el año siguiente.
He aquí la lista de algunos de los colegas que participaron en aquel entonces:

Lucio trabucco
Ariana Spizzico
Valeria Fosca
Dimitris Hordakis
domenico posteraro
Joanna Brzescinska-Riccio
Simona Morani
Corrado Zeni
Liliana condemi
Andrea Saltarelli
Vittorio Miranda
Milvio Sodi
Tomaso Marcolla
Luciano Borin
Luca Di Castri
Emilia Lippi
Aniello Scotto
Angela Cacciamani
Andrea Bianchini
Alessandro Gambetti